The nightclub of Bologna


Located at 20 meters from the Two Towers – the symbol of Bologna, considered by the inhabitants as “the center” par excellence.

It is the oldest place in town since 1958.

When it opened up its name was “Whisky a Go Go” Such a name clearly reflected the fashion imported from the U.S.A. in those years.

In fact, people used to buy a bottle of whisky (or others Alcoholics ), so as to drink from it at their convenience in one or more evenings.

Moreover, following the trends of those years (as for the famous Piper in Rome), music was played only live and among the group that came to perform here we have to mention: I Giganti, Mal e i Primitives, Patty Pravo, etc. and also a national exclusive performance after  his  concert in  Bologna , May 28th 1968, Jimi Handrix played in an improvised after show.

Towards the middle of the 60s, and being equipped with a restaurant at the time, the place set the fashion “Spaghetti at Midnight”, that immediately achieved great success, as Bologna has always been a town of “Biassanot” (which means viveur at night), the dj was Lucio Dalla.

Then it change the name in “Champagne Club”, turning more into a sort of night-club, more refined in furnishings but always whit the characteristic of ball room.

Afterwards, it went through another period : its name was Pubsi, a sort of a day place rather than a night-spot, where it was compulsory to meet for youths who “had played truant” (we were in the 70s and this fashion was the rage in those years).

In 1975 , it became Kinki and also a place for “men only”, the first in town and probably the most famous in Italy, gathering people from allover the country, in four weekly evenings.

It was not a different world; evenings went by playing mixed music alternated with live performances.

Among the abitués of the stage we found some of the most popular italian gay icon: Loredana Bertè, Cristiano Malgioglio, Marcella Bella, Amanda Lear, Rossana Casale, Luciana Turina , who says, she has had a really wonderfull time here and is always pleased to come back when she is around.

On the wall important and provocative free-hand drawing by Fabrizio Passerella’s artist to issue in the Domus Magazine in an article by Francesca Alinovi.

From first 80s, when Bologna was the capital of culture and creativity, full of young artist, creative people, comic designers, Kinki opened up to a more mixed clientele, becoming a real Underground Club; since 1985 to 2005 , uninterruptedly is vanguard of Italian House moviment, certificated to  many important magazine, glamours and sectorial, and for long time in I.D. ranking.

A large numbers of italian and foreign famous people have come to spend their evenings whit friends.

Kinki is cited in 5 books:

“Un Week end Post moderno” di PierVittorio Tondelli (pagg. 176, 187)

“Non ci resta che Hollywood” di Deborah Montagnani

“Come un pugno di farina” di Marco Ganzetto

“Sangue” di Mario Fortunato

“Chi ha ucciso i Talk Talk” di Saverio Fattori

In the cover of “Flou” by Isabella Santacroce, Vogue Australia, and many more.

In 2015 were held the parties to celebrate 40 years of history, and it was made a book “ Una notte lunga 40 anni” Ed. Damiani.