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Kinki. The Pure Club.

From today we begin to tell almost 50 years of pure Club through decades, fashions, innovations, popular culture, in short, all the passage from one century to another from the point of view of Kinki.

We hope you find it interesting, at least from a historical point of view.

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Let's start from the beginning

Born in Bologna, in via Zamboni 1 in 1975. 

In reality he changes his name to Kinki after that for years, with other names, he has already acquired a lot of fame: Lucio Dalla played there with the Doctor Dixie Jazz Band and he will meet Gino Paoli who will convince him to start his career as a songwriter and singer.

Then Jimi Hendrix plays there after his concert in Bologna, Jackson Brown is a regular.

Then a destination for famous actors and singers throughout the 60s and 70s.

In 1975 it became the first gay club in Italy and remained so until 1984.

Since 1986 it opens its doors to a more heterogeneous but always very niche audience: the first real Italian club is born.

Here the first local PRs see the light: Sabrina Bertaccini and Mara Conti, and the selection to enter is truly ruthless.

Outside the restaurant, two kilometers long queues were created from 9 in the evening: one of those hoping to enter, the other, opposite, of Bolognese who came to see the crazy people entering the Kinki.

At the Kinki, even then, there were 3 bathrooms: Men - Women - X.

One of the greatest strengths of the club, in addition to the selection that allowed entry only to target people, was the extraordinary musical quality offered, both from a technical point of view and from that of the DJs who played there.

Starting from LTJXperience, Flavio Vecchi, Maurizio Gubellini, Ralf, Coccoluto, Mbg, Pasta Boys, Fabrizio Maurizi as resident, from the beginning of the 90s it becomes an obligatory international stop for DJs, especially Americans, who intend to enter the circle of clubs important Europeans.

In fact at the Kinki, when there was still the true, genuine Underground spirit of Club Culture, more or less all the greatest and not only came to play.

Due to its conformation (it is underground) and its connotation (it is ugly, dirty and bad), people like it a lot or don't like it at all.

Also thanks to its spaces it will always remain a niche place, the island that never exists.

He has a book of his own that celebrates 40 years of history and is mentioned in 8 novels.

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